Code of Ethics

Fairness in business relationships

The relationship with all our business partners such as customers, suppliers and service providers is based on fairness, sincerity and a positive and confidential partnership.


Conflicts of interest and integrity (complaints)

econsteel will avoid any situation that could lead to a conflict between private interests and the interests of our customers.


Confidential treatment of information

econsteel will at no time disclose any confidential information about our customers and their business activity. Discretion and confidentiality are basic prerequisites.

econsteel will not disclose any confidential information about the company or its business activity. Only authorised employees will be allowed to comment on internal and organisational issues.

Business records

All relevant business records will be treated and kept confidentially.

Environmental protection

econsteel plays an active role in respecting an environmentally friendly behaviour in all business activities. We see to it that the impact our working methods may have on the environment is kept as low as possible.